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Planning Application

South Oxfordshire

Cholsey CP Crowmarsh CP

Cholsey And Wallingford South Crowmarsh

White cross farm, Reading road, Cholsey, Oxfordshire

Planning Application to allow the development of an offline River Thames marina basin with fixed and floating pontoon moorings for approximately 280 boats, slipway, secure and public car parking, refuelling and pump-out dock, refuse and recycling area, marina office and café, toilet and shower block and laundry facilities, boat hire building, picnic and barbeque area, open water area, circular footpath, boat workshop, new footbridge and creation of new grazing marsh, grassland, pond, reedbed and wet woodland habitat with a construction phase involving the extraction and processing of sand and gravel, the importation of inert fill and the construction of new site accesses, landscaping and screening bunds.

London Rock Ltd 

Greenfield Associates 

Consultation Period Ended

The consultation period for this application has now ended.

Associated media

Description Filename
Scoping opinion WAL-_OCC_Scoping.pdf
Geological & geotechnical review WAl-_Geology_&_Geotechnical_Appendices.pdf
Geological report and geotechnical review of proposal marina WAL-_Geology_&_Geotechnical_Assessment.pdf
Bat activity and bast roost survey report WAL-_Bat_Report.pdf
Breeding bird survey report WAL-_Breeding_Bird_Survey_Report.pdf
Extended phase 1 habitat survey WAL-_Extended_Phase_1_Habitat_Survey.pdf
Otter and water vole survey WAL-_Otter_and_Water_Vole_Survey_Report.pdf
Reptile survey report WAL-_Reptile_Survey_Report.pdf
Wintering bird survey WAL-_Wintering_Bird_Survey.pdf
Archaeological desk-based assessment WAL-_Archaeology_Desk_Study.PDF
Archeological assessment WAL-_Archaeology_Evaluation_Report.pdf
Built heritage statement WAL-_Cultural_Heritage_Statement.pdf
Flood risk assessment WAL-_Flood_Risk_Assessment.pdf
Appendix A EnviroCheck Report WAL-_Hydrogeology_Appendices.pdf
Hydrogeological impact assessment WAL-_Hydrogeology_Assessment.pdf
Transport assessment in support of a planning application for the development of a marina WAL-_Transport_Assessment.PDF
Framework travel plan WAL-_Travel_Plan.pdf
Noise assessment WAL-_Noise_Assessment.pdf
Air quality assessment WAL-_Air_Quality_Assessment.pdf
Landscape and visual impact assessment WAL-_Landscape_&_Visual_Assessment.pdf
Location plan/ Photograph locations WAL-_LVIA_Figure_1-17.pdf
The soil resources and agricultural land classification WAl-_Soil_Resources_and_ALC.pdf
Soil handling & soil movement scheme for proposed Marina development WAL-_Soils_Handling_Scheme.pdf
Bird management plan WAL-_Bird_Management_Plan.pdf
Statement of community involvement WAL_APX_1_-_Statement_of_Community_Involvement.pdf
Pillings lock marna, Quorn Leicestershir design, planning and construction WAL_APX_2_-_Pillings_Lock_Construction_&_Typical_Plant_Photos.pdf
White cross farm, wallingford, Oxfordshire- Site photos WAL_APX_3_-_Site_Photos_&_3D_Visualisation.pdf
Facilities building dimensions, drawing no. LRS/WAL/100 WAL_APX_4_-_Built_Structures.pdf
Footbridge dimensions, drawing no. WAL footbridge PLAN v1.dwg WAL_APX_4_-_Footbridge_Plan.pdf
Indicative marina habitat and planting scheme WAL_APX_4_-_Habitat_and_Planting_Scheme.pdf
Indicative building dimension,drawing no. WAL other buildings v1.dwg WAL_APX_4_-_Other_Buildings.pdf
Typical processing plant WAL_APX_4_-Temporary_Plant_Built_Structures.pdf
Appendix 5 geological information WAL_APX_5_-_Geological_Information.pdf
APX 5-A- Proposed phase 1 working, APX 5-B- Proposed phase 2 working WAL_APX_5_-_Phased_Construction_Working_Plans.pdf
Planning application supporting statement WAL_Marina_Planning_Statement.pdf
Site location PA 18-1 WAL_PA18-1_Site_Location_Map.pdf
PA 18-10 proposed construction layout WAL_PA18-10_Proposed_Construction_Layout.pdf
Proposed access arrangements , drawing no. 17039-01 WAL_PA18-11_Road_Access_Design.pdf
Plan PA 18-2 land ownership plan WAL_PA18-2_Land_Ownership.pdf
Aerial photograph PA 18-1 WAL_PA18-3_Aerial_Photograph.pdf
Flood Map PA 18-4 WAL_PA18-4_Flood_Map.pdf
Planning application, plan PA 18-5 site plan WAL_PA18-5_Site_Plan.pdf
Proposed marina layout, drawing no. PA 18-7 WAL_PA18-7_Marina_Layout.pdf
Planning application, drawing no. plan PA 18-8 marina river access WAL_PA18-8_Marina_River_Entrance.pdf
Plan PA 18-9 proposed construction phasing plan WAL_PA18-9_Proposed_Construction_Phasing.pdf
Non technical summary WAL_Non-Technical_Summary.pdf
Application form Wallingford_Application_Forms.pdf
Site location WAL_ES18-1_Site_Location_Map.pdf
Plan ES18-2 site plan, drawing no. WAL PA 18-3 site plan V3 WAL_ES18-2_Site_Plan.pdf
Aerial photograph drawing no.ES 18-3 WAL_ES18-3_Aerial_Photograph.pdf
Areas of outstanding nature beauty & conservation target areas, drawing no. ES 18-4 WAL_ES18-4_AONB_&_CTA_Map.pdf
Proposed marina layout, drawing no. ES18-5 WAL_ES18-5_Marina_Layout.pdf
ES 18-6 proposed construction layout WAL_ES18-6_Proposed_Construction_layout.pdf
Environmental statement WAL_Marina__Environmental_Statement.pdf
Departure form Wallingford Marina Departure FormDPsigMay2018.docx
EIA screening Wallingford Marina EIA ScreeningDPsigMay2018.docx
Advert for Oxford Times 471578001-OXF07S.PDF
South Oxfordshire District Council EHO response MW.0033-18.docx
Departure Form (PDF) 76220_Wallingford_Marina_Departure_FormDPsigMay2018.pdf
EIA Screening (PDF) 76221_Wallingford_Marina_EIA_ScreeningDPsigMay2018.pdf
South Oxfordshire District Council EHO response (PDF) 76223_MW.pdf
Ramblers response email_msg_3608.rtf
Chilterns Conservation Board response 76530_76239_CHOLSEY_MARINA_CCB_Objection.pdf
Historic England response MW.003318_HERef_P00893450_L317433.doc
Ecological Impact Assessment WAL-_Ecological_Impact_Assessment.pdf
Tree Survey Report and Impact Assessment WAL-_Tree_Survey_Report_&_Impact_Assessment.pdf
Attachment to SODC response 2018 06 05 Response.pdf
SODC response 2018_06_13 Response from SODC.PDF
Rights of Way response email_msg_3721.rtf
County Archaeologist response 0014ro.docx
OCC ( archeology) response OCC_(Archaeology).pdf
Oxford Brooked University response Oxford_Brookes_University.pdf
Rights of way response Rights_of_Way.pdf
Thames Water response Thames_Water.pdf
SODC ( Flood Engineer) response VOWHDC_(Flood_Engineer).pdf
SODC ( Planning) response VOWHDC_(Planning).pdf
Attachment to Wallingford Town Council & Cholsey Parish Council response Thames-Wallingford-to-Goring-CTA.pdf
Wallingford Town Council and Cholsey Parish Council response White Cross Farm 18 07 20 response to planning application MW.0033 18.pdf
Ministry of Defence response BENSON.pdf
Consultation Response - Environment Agency Environment_Agency.pdf
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