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Planning Application

West Oxfordshire Cherwell

Yarnton CP Eynsham CP Cassington CP Gosford and Water Eaton CP

Eynsham And Cassington Yarnton, Gosford And Water Eaton

Land West of Cuckoo lane and adjacent too the A40, Eynsham, West Oxfordshire, OX29 4PU

Construction of a park & ride car park providing 850 car parking spaces, cycle spaces, motorcycle spaces, electric vehicle charging points, bus shelters, landscaping, external lighting, public open space, toilets, seating, fencing, habitat creation, drainage features, new access from Cuckoo Lane, new roundabout with access onto A40, an eastbound bus lane approximately 6.5km in length from the park & ride site to the A40 bridge over the Dukes Cut canal, two sections of westbound bus lane (each approximately 500m in length), new shared use footway/cycleway, widening of Cassington New Bridge, junction improvements, new crossings, new footbridge alongside Cassington Halt Bridge, and associated works

Oxfordshire County Council 

Matthew Stopforth 

Consultation Period Ended

The consultation period for this application has now ended.

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Description Filename
Application form Application_Form.pdf
LOCATION PLAN SHEET 3, drawing no. FIGURE 003 Location_Plan_1.2500.pdf
LOCATION PLAN - FULL, drawing no. FIGURE 1 Location_Plan_Full.pdf
LOCATION PLAN ( 10 pages), drawing no. FIGURE 0010 Location_Plan_Sheets.pdf
HIGHWAYS PRELIMINARY DESIGN GENERAL ARRANGEMENT drawing no.0101 ( 45 pages) 60551821-ACM-HGA-A40_SW_ZZ_ZZ-DR-CH-0101-0145.pdf
STRUCTURE 246 CASSINGTON NEW BRIDGEGENERAL ARRANGEMENT drawing no. 24601 60551821-SHT-10-Z4-0001-S-24601.pdf
A40 Park & Ride and Bus Lane Scheme – Supporting Drawings and Plans A40_supporting_drawings_and_plans_list.pdf
SITE PLAN, drawing no. 0001 Park_and_Ride_Site_Plan.pdf
Application covering letter Application_Covering_Letter_31.05.19.pdf
Design and Access Statement May 2019 Final_A40_DAS_31.05.19.pdf
Planning Statement May 2019 Planning_Statement_31.05.19.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume I May 2019 ES_Vol_I_Chapter_0_Front_Cover,_Contents,_Glossary_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Introduction ES_Vol_I_Chapter_1_Introduction_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Landscape and Visual ES_Vol_I_Chapter_10_Landscape_and_Visual_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)-Noise and Vibration ES_Vol_I_Chapter_11_Noise_and_Vibration_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)-People and Communities ES_Vol_I_Chapter_12_People_and_Communities_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Road Drainage and the Water Environment ES_Vol_I_Chapter_13_Road_Drainage_and_Water_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)-Traffic and Transport ES_Vol_I_Chapter_14_Traffic_and_Transport_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Cumulative Effects ES_Vol_I_Chapter_15_Cumulative_Effects_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Residual Effects and Mitigation ES_Vol_I_Chapter_16_Residual_Effects_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- EIA Methodology ES_Vol_I_Chapter_2_EIA_Methodology_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)-Alternatives and Design Evolution ES_Vol_I_Chapter_3_Alternatives_and_Design_Evol_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- The Proposed Development ES_Vol_I_Chapter_4_The_Proposed_Development_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Air Quality ES_Vol_I_Chapter_5_Air_Quality_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Biodiversity ES_Vol_I_Chapter_6_Biodiversity_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Climate ES_Vol_I_Chapter_7_Climate_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Cultural Heritage ES_Vol_I_Chapter_8_Cultural_Heritage_final.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume I)- Geology and Soils ES_Vol_I_Chapter_9_Geology_and_Soils_final.pdf
Landscape Design Layout Plan, drawing no. 0001 60551821-ACM-ELS-PR_LSC_ZZ_ZZ-DR-LV-0001_-_Landscape_Design_Layout_Plan.pdf
Landscape Design Details, drawing no.0002 60551821-ACM-ELS-PR_LSC_ZZ_ZZ-DR-LV-0002_-_Landscape_Design_Details.pdf
Bus Lane Surface Water Drainage Strategy, document number -0001 60551821-ACM-HDG-A40_SW_ZZ_ZZ-RP-CD-0001.RevC02.pdf
SuDS Maintenance and Management Plan PRELIMINARY document no. 0001 60551821-ACM-ZZ-XX-OM-DR-0001-P02.pdf
Drainage Strategy PRELIMINARY, drawing no. 0002 60551821-ACM-ZZ-XX-OM-DR-0002-P02.pdf
PRELIMINARY DESIGN TOILET BLOCK, drawing no. 0002 60551821_ACM_ELS_A40_PR_ZZ_ZZ_DR_CH_0002_(Toilet_Block).pdf
Lighting scheme May 2019 A40_Lighting_Scheme.pdf
Sustainability Statement May 2019 A40_Sustainability_Statement_V2.pdf
Gullwing Shelter Elevations 1A Bus_Shelter_Elevations_1A_002.pdf
Confirmation of amended description Confirmation_of_amended_description.docx
Departure form Departure_Form_Eynsham_PR_DPsig.docx
Environmental Statement - Non-Technical Summary May 2019 Environmental_Statement_NTS.pdf
Gullwing Shelter GULLWING-SHELTER_1A_002.pdf
Statement of Community Involvement May 2019 SCI_V7_30.05.19.pdf
TOILET BLOCK, drawing no. 0002 Toilet_Block_Elevations_0002.pdf
Transport Assessment May 2019 Transport_Assessment__Final_Issue_2019-05-30.pdf
Transport Assessment Appendices A B C D ( 438 pages) Transport_Assessment_Appendix_A_B_C_D.pdf
Transport Assessment - Appendix E F G Transport_Assessment_Appendix_E_F_G.pdf
Transport Assessment - Appendix H Proposed Junction Modelling Outputs Transport_Assessment_Appendix_H.pdf
Transport Assessment -Appendix I Construction Compound Locations Transport_Assessment_Appendix_I.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume II May 2019 Appendices_Front_Cover.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume II Appendix 1-A: EIA Statement of Competence Appendix_1-A_EIA_Statement_of_Competence.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume II Appendix 2-A: EIA Scoping Report Appendix_2-A_EIA_Scoping_Report.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume II Appendix 2-B: EIA Scoping Opinion Appendix_2-B_EIA_Scoping_Opinion.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume II Appendix 2-C: EIA Scoping Opinion Response Appendix_2-C_EIA_Scoping_Opinion_Response.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume II Appendix 3-A: Design Iteration 1: November 2016 - November 2017 Appendix_3-A_Design_Iteration_1.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume II Appendix 3-B: Design Iteration 2: January 2018 - July 2018 Appendix_3-B_Design_Iteration_2.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume II-Appendix 3-C: Design Iteration 3: September 2018 - December 2018 Appendix_3-C_Design_Iteration_3.pdf
Environmental Statement – Volume II- Appendix 3-D: Design Iteration 4: January 2019 – May 2019 Appendix_3-D_Design_Iteration_4.PDF
Environmental Statement – Volume II- Appendix 4-A: Proposed development drawings Appendix_4-A_Proposed_Development_Drawings.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) Appendix 5-A: Road Traffic Model Verification Appendix_5-A_Road_traffic_model_verification.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II)- Appendix 5-B: Air Quality Monitoring Results Appendix_5-B_Air_quality_monitoring_results.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II)- Appendix 5-C: Air Quality Results Table Appendix_5-C_Air_quality_results_tables.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II)-Appendix 5-D: Air Quality Figures Appendix_5-D_Air_quality_figures.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 6-A: Ecology Report: February 2016 (Bus Lane) Appendix_6-A_Ecology_Report_February_2016_(Bus_Lane).pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 6-B: Ecology Survey Report: October 2016(Eynsham Park and Ride) Appendix_6-B_Ecology_Survey_Report_Oct_2016_(P&R).pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 6-C Protected Species Report: December 2017 (Eynsham Park and Ride) Appendix_6-C_Protected_Species_Report_Dec_2017_(P&R).pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 6-D: Technical Note: Eynsham Park and Ride: Bat Survey Report 2018 Appendix_6-D_Technical_Note_P&R_Bat_Survey_Report_2018.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 6-E: Amphibian Report (Bus Lane) Appendix_6-E_Amphibian_Report_(Bus_Lane).pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 6-F: Bat Report (Bus Lane) Appendix_6-F_Bat_Report_(Bus_Lane).pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 6-G: Dormouse Report (Bus Lane) Appendix_6-G_Dormouse_Report_(Bus_Lane).pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 6-H: Bird and Riparian Mammals Report (Bus Lane) Appendix_6-H_Birds_and_Rip_Mammals_Report_(Bus_Lane).pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 6-I: Air Quality & Ecology Assessment Methodology Appendix_6-I_AQ_&_Ecology_Assessment_Methodology.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 6-J: Habitat Regulations Assessment Appendix_6-J_Habitat_Regulations_Assessment.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 6-K: Technical Note: Biodiversity Impact Calculation Appendix_6-K_Biodiversity_Impact_Assessment.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 10-A: A40 Park & Ride Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) Appendix_10-A_P&R_Arb_Impact_Assessment.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 10-B: A40 Bus Lane Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) Appendix_10-B_Bus_Lane_Arb_Impact_Assessment.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 10-C: Relevant Policy Appendix_10-C_Relevant_Policy.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 10-D: Consultation Appendix_10-D_Consultation.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 10-E: Published Landscape Character Appendix_10-E_Published_Landscape_Character.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 10-F: Schedule of Representative Viewpoints Appendix_10-F_Sch_of_Representative_Viewpoints.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 10-G: Landscape Effects Appendix_10-G_Landscape_Effects.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -7 Table 10H-1: Visual Effects Appendix_10-H_Visual_Effects.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 10-I: Cumulative Landscape Effects Appendix_10-I_Cumulative_Landscape_Effects.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 10-J: Cumulative Visual Effects Appendix_10-J_Cumulative_Visual_Effects.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 8-A: Cultural Heritage Desk Based Assessment (DBA) Appendix_8-A_Cultural_Heritage_DBA.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 8-B: Geophysical Survey Report Appendix_8-B_Geophysical_Survey_Report.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 8-C: Investigation Trenching Report Appendix_8-C_Investigation_Trenching_Report.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 8-D: Gazetteer of Heritage Assets Appendix_8-D_Gazetteer_of_Heritage_Assets.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 8-E: Heritage Statement Appendix_8-E_Heritage_Statement.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 9-A: Preliminary Sources Study Report Appendix_9-A_Preliminary_Sources_Study_Report.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 13-A: Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) Appendix_13-A_Preliminary_WFD_Assessment.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) -Appendix 13-B: Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) Appendix_13-B_Flood_Risk_Assessment.pdf
Environmental Statement (Volume II) - Appendix 16-A: Schedule of Environmental Commitments Appendix_16-A_Schedule_of_Env_Commitments.pdf
Consultation Response - Highways England Highways_England.pdf
Consultation Response - Natural England Natural_England.pdf
Consultation Response - Stagecoach Stagecoach.pdf
Consultation Response - Archaeology Archaeology.docx
Consultation Response - OCC Countryside Access Countryside_Access.docx
Consultation Response - Eynsham Parish Council Eynsham_Parish_Council.pdf
Consultation Response - CPRE CPRE.pdf
Consultation Response - Oxford City Council Oxford_City_Council.pdf
Consultation Response - Historic England Historic_England.doc
Consultation Response - EPIC (Eynsham Planning Improvement Campaign) EPIC_(Eynsham_Planning_Improvement_Campaign)_response.docx
Consultation Response - Cyclox Cyclox.pdf
Consultation Response - OCC Landscape - Initial Comments Landscape_-_Initial_comments.docx
Consultation Response - OCC Transport Development Control July 19 TDC_Response.docx
Consultation Response - OCC Ecology July19 Ecology_July19.docx
Consultation Response - WODC July19 WODC_July19.pdf
Consultation Response - Cherwell District Council - July19 Cherwell_DC.pdf
Consultation Response - BBOWT BBOWT_Aug19.pdf
Consultation Response - Barton Willmore on behalf of Jansons Property Jansons_Property_comments.pdf
Consultation Response - OCC Lead Local Flood Authority Aug19 Drainage_Comments_-_R3.0057_19_.docx
Consultation Response - Environment Agency Environment_Agency.pdf
Consultation Response - Freeland Parish Council July 2019 Freeland_Parish_Council_July_2019.doc
Regulation 25 request for further information - 15th August 2019 Eynsham_Reg_25_letterDPrevs.pdf
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