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Advice on how to comment on planning applications

Before you write to or email us you should:

  • try to see the plans and application form
  • make sure you understand what is proposed, eg what will it look like and how will it be used?

Useful tips on what to write about

  • Land use - is the proposed use of the land or building suitable given its location and surroundings?
  • Physical impact - What are your views on the appearance of the development eg materials, scale, height, character? Will you be affected by the loss of daylight or privacy? What do you think of any landscaping scheme? Would you be affected by noise, smell or dust? What do you think of any landscaping/restoration scheme?
  • Traffic - What are your views on any arrangements for access and parking? How will the amount or flow of traffic be affected?
  • Community - How will local services and the environment be affected?

Points to remember

We usually cannot take into account:

  • fears about loss of value of property
  • boundary disputes between neighbours
  • problems that have nothing to do with the proposal e.g. noise from existing social clubs

Please note: offensive or libelous comments are not acceptable and will be returned to the sender immediately

For more information on the planning application process and how we will deal with your comments, please view "The Planning Process - what happens to your comments".

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